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Scripture Burrito Documentation

A data interchange format for Bible-centric content.

See (or for the documentation, this repo is the source files.

If you want to suggest a change, please fork this repo and create a PR, or create an Issue.


Install the sphinx engine

sudo apt-get install python-sphinx
pip install sphinx-jsonschema

Then run the build script from the docs/ directory.

NOTE: this top level makefile is just a shorcut to building the html.


Documentation Format

The docs are written in reStructuredText, processed by Sphinx, and hosted online by Read the Docs.

See the reStructuredText Primer and the Docutils reStructuredText Directives documentation to learn how to use the syntax.

Schema Documentation

The specific schema documentation is generated from the schema itself using sphinx-jsonschema. Take special care to define the title and description attributes well as they will be the primary method of documentation for the specification. Also, wherever possible, include examples as that aids in comprehension.

One special note, any section that needs to be linked to from another section should have a special $$target attribute as well as a title attribute for sphinx-jsonschema to work properly.

Also, note that there is a script which automatically takes the schema and creates the .rst files for Sphinx to process. This should be done anytime changes are made to the schema (and should probably be part of the sphinx builder).

cd docs/schema_docs

A similar script is used for the examples.

cd docs/examples



An automated Github Action runs on each push that validates the metadata samples. This uses both a Python and JavaScript utility included in code/ to validate JSON documents against the schema. You can run these locally as well.

The Python script requires jsonschema (run pip install jsonschema) and may be run as follows:

python code/ docs/examples/artifacts/*.json

The JavaScript script requires node and ajv to run.

npm install ajv
node code/validate.js metadata docs/examples/artifacts/*.json

For Real Time Editing

The VS Code documentation explains how to setup VS Code for real time validation of JSON files using a schema.

In short, create a .vscode/settings.json file in your scripture-burrito working directory with the following:

    "json.schemas": [
            "fileMatch": [
            "url": "file:///Users/jesse/vcs/scripture-burrito/schema/metadata.schema.json"

Of course, use the actual local path on your system for metadata.schema.json.

To test, open up schema/scriptureText.json and make something invalid, and see the result, like this: image